A Little About BLAZOR

As a .Net developer, we are usually using c# or for server-side development and javascript frameworks for client-side development and the learning curve are huge here. In this situation, our mind raises more questions like

Why should I learn too many JavaScript frameworks?

Is C# not enough for my web development?

can I create web application by using only c#?

BLAZOR is the answer to the above questions. Yes, Blazor enables developers to build interactive and reusable web UIs using C# or C or Rust instead of javascript. Here you might be thinking browsers understand and execute only JavaScript, then how our c# code works in client-side the answer is Blazor Web Assembly(WASM) that is a language that runs natively in browsers.


Components is a Razor component with C# code and HTML, and its is reusable and can be nested.

Note: Component name must start with uppercase, if it's in lower case it could not be recognized.

Hosting models:

Two type of hosting models available.

  1. Blazor Web assembly
  2. Blazor server

Blazor web assembly entirely runs in the client machine. Once the app is started all wanted things downloaded from the client machine and connection is not required. But in 1st time it will take more time to download.

Blazor server entirely runs on the server machine and it is too fast. UI updates, event handling, and JavaScript calls are handled over a SignalR connection.

We can choose any one of the hosting model based on our requirement.

Main Features: